Supernatural Sound

analog + digital recording outside portland, oregon

Supernatural Sound is an analog and digital recording studio in Oregon City, that has contributed its sonic imprint to the music of the Northwest for the past 20 years.  Artists including The DecemberistsThe ShinsThe ThermalsBright EyesIsaac Brock, and Portugal. The Man, have sought creative refuge at our private, rural property that houses a broad collection of vintage and modern equipment.

Located 25 minutes from downtown Portland, Supernatural Sound is situated in a quiet, forested area that is free from distractions, and inspires musical productivity and creativity.

Supernatural’s equipment and recording spaces can be distinctly heard on albums like “The Hazards of Love” (The Decemberists) and “Wincing The Night Away” (The Shins).  Get in touch to set up and studio tour and experience Supernatural Sound.

DSC04659-4 ps speakers down.jpg